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Slàinte Mhath releases new CD

Halifax, NS: Cape Breton based Celtic/fusion performers Slainte Mhath (Slawn-cha-va) are officially releasing their sophomore project entitled, "VA" on May 23 at The Marquee Club in Halifax.

Slainte Mhath's new sounds explode on their new album VA, a title which is meant to represent the phonetic pronunciation of Slainte Mhath's last name, but it's also the French verb for "go", which is a simple and eloquent way of describing the band's constant progressiveness.

The Slainte Mhath (Gaelic for “good health to you”) sound draws from a wide range of influences. This high-energy group features traditional instruments associated with the Celtic genre and adds drumbeats, hooks, and sub-bass lines, all augmented with contemporary arrangements.

The diverse and cultural backgrounds of Slainte Mhath includes the musical versatility of Lisa Gallant (bodhran, fiddle and step-dancing), Boyd MacNeil (octave mandolin, fiddle, guitars and percussion), Ryan MacNeil (keyboards and percussion), Brian Talbot (drums and percussion) and John MacPhee (Highland bagpipes, Scottish Reel pipes and Irish Flute).

VA takes the fiercely talented young generation of musicians to another realm of creativity -- combining those deep traditional influences with modern-day nuances that will set popular culture on its ear.

Slainte Mhath has a growing fan base worldwide, having toured across Canada, the U.S., tapping the Celtic veins of Scotland and throughout Europe at festivals in Sweden, Denmark, and England. The young group has honed its chops considerably.

Their new album VA and their self-titled album are distributed by Greentrax Recordings in Europe and by Maple Music Recordings in Canada. Last summer, Slainte Mhath's momentum grew overseas with a tour that set a ground breaking collaboration with BBC Radio Scotland, featuring a daily diary on their Web site and leading them to a BBC Folk Award nomination in the 'Horizon' category -- the first East Coast artist to receive a nomination from the BBC Folk Awards.

With VA, Slainte Mhath embarks on a new part of their musical journey. Jump aboard, get ready to go, it's definitely an enjoyable trip into a new century of Celtic music making.

The release party will begin at 8:30 pm with a private reception and doors will open to the public at 9:00pm. Performance will begin at 9:30 pm.


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