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Slainte Mhath Recordings

Slainte Mhath
This is a re-release of the album now known as "Prophecy". In July 1999, Slainte Mhath recorded "Congress" and in September we decided to re-record "Brucie and the Troopers". Both of these selections accompany the rest of the "Prophecy" album. They also recorded new versions of "Big Jigs" and "Blast O'Tunes" and remixed and remastered the rest of the album. What they have now is a nine track CD that includeds their two newest members, Lisa and Brian, with new artwork and design and a new title, "Slainte Mhath."
VA heralds a new step in the ever-evolving sound of Slainte Mhath. Among the strathspeys and reels, there are new experimental elements. A flash of disco here, a nod to Australian culture there - all tied together nicely with strong Cape Breton roots. Slainte Mhath is constantly changing, creating and experimenting. VA is an excellent chronicle of this stage of the journey.


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