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The Full Fergus

By Lynnette E. Fitch
Story 1998

...Then we went to the Celtic rock concert on the main field. It was FANTASTIC!!! Best concert I have ever been to at ANY festival. We saw Jennifer Roland, a fiddler/step dancer from Cape Breton - she was great! Then Hadrian's Wall played - they are a lot of fun, and we had a blast getting our friend Scott to do goofy dances with us while he was on stage playing! Next we saw a group called Slainte Mhath - they were OUTSTANDING!!! They are a group of youngins (2 girls, 3 boys) from Cape Breton who are incredibly talented - they had all kinds of instruments going, and, at the end, the girls and two of the boys got out there and step danced while the 3rd boy played 'pipes. It was EXCELLENT!!! They were so good - I loved them! I got their cd, but it is an ep, and only 4 of the 5 kids are on it - hopefully they will have a full length cd with all of them on it coming out soon. And the boy playing fiddle was quite a looker - too bad he is under age!!! Anyhow, after them the Barra McNeils (older siblings of some of the kids in Slainte Mhath) played - they were very good. Next up was Scruj Macdhuk - I was a bit apprehensive about them due to not only their name but also their fashion sense - the fiddler looked like a dead head hippie type, and 2 of the other guys were dressed in a way I cannot even put words to. Well, they were fantastic - the fiddler was great, and the girl in the group had a beautiful voice. I really liked them. At this point, disaster struck - the sky opened up and poured down on us. Keep in mind that all weekend long we had been getting sunburned in sweltering heat. Now we were caught in a downpour. I was soaking wet and freezing in my sundress and had to buy a sweatshirt to cover me up. It ruined the concert - Seven Nations and the other band that was supposed to go on did not play. Some of the performers had some sing along thing instead for those of us left, which was VERY nice of just wasn't my cup of tea...


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