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Cape Breton Connection

Possibly Cape Breton's youngest and most innovative group, Slainte Mhath (Gaelic for "To Your Health") combines styles that are continents apart and performed in the Cape Breton idiom. Brothers Ryan and Boyd MacNeil, the remaining musical components of the family making up the Barra MacNeils, team up with piper Bruce MacPhee, fiddler-percussionist Bhreagh MacDonald, and vocalist-guitarist Stephanie Hardy to add a fresh dimension to Celtic and Celtic-Pop music. Combining a rich Irish fiddling influence and a strong Washabuck Gaelic background with highland bagpipes and modern vocal and pop sounds, these young ambassadors of the Cape Breton tradition have managed to flatline crowds over the past several years, a feat quite admirable considering the average age of the band members at this date is about twenty years.


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