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Maritime hospitality

Halifax warms up by day, heats up at night
By MEI-YIN TEO, Special to The Sun

...we were tipped off to Cape Breton jam session at 42nd Street, a downtown bar. The talent was mostly young bands like The Barra MacNeils and an up-and-coming new group called Slainte Mhath (pronounced like slawn-cha va), whose members range in age from 16 to their early 20s. Members proved their lyrical prowess on the bagpipes and the fiddle.

The ageless audience were clapping their hands, stomping their feet and singing along, making it easy to be drawn into the festivities. When band member Lisa Gallant put down her fiddle and began to step dance, the crowd went wild. Every so often a person from the audience would jump up and begin step dancing which, spurred a round of whistles and applause. The easygoing atmosphere was conducive to meeting people...


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